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I call myself the ‘Panda of Steel’ because my writings, and my experiences in general are influenced by two paradoxical things – fun and discipline. The former comes naturally to me. The latter, I am desperately trying to develop since I know anything worth having will come with discipline and persistence. The fun is represented by the Panda and discipline by the cold Steel.

Personally, I am a technologist working in the field of Brain Computer Interfaces. In the future, I envision myself working to make the brains of robots very similar to the brains of humans. Additionally, I want to create new, highly adaptive ways of making music. I’m interested in neuroscience, machine learning and robotics. I am also extremely interested in social dynamics, relationships and psychology. Being heavily influenced by books like the Peaceful Warrior, I often spend time learning about mindfulness and other meditative techniques. When I’m not doing this, I’m probably playing an instrument, chilling with my girlfriend /bros or exploring a new genre of music. Fallout 4 scenes are continuously happening too. :p

Look forward to having you as my reader. To contact me, message me at akhilchatur@gmail.com.

Remember there are only three important things in life – Paradox, Humor and Change.

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