Bro Talk: What’s it like to be a researcher (in India)? Advice to my undergrad junior.


Hello, hello!

I thought I’d reserve this post for a really interesting conversation I had with a college junior of mine, Maheep. He’s about to graduate in a month and is interested in pursuing engineering research. At the same time, he has an offer for a cushy job (like so many of us in India just out of elite universities). Shown here in images is the conversation that we had when he asked me what the life of a researcher really is like. We discuss life in science, potential gain and also a bit about my personal life. There’s a teeny bit of colloquial talk in our language – I provide translations, so chill! Brace yourself! This gets nerdy and fun, we talk about Faraday’s Laws as well as Prosthetic Limbs!



mchat3 mchat4 mchat5 mchat6




So here it is guys. The life of a researcher in India.

Until later. Adios!


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