The Panda’s Birth, the search for happiness and big promises!

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In this first blog post, I’d like to explain the significance of this blog and how it might relate to you. Being a close observer of myself and the people around me, I spend a lot of time thinking about the question: What makes for a happy life?

This blog will contain my thoughts, readings, experiments and experiences which contribute to my state of mental happiness. I will often provide advice about the life techniques that I have mastered. I will also ask you questions about stuff I struggle with, so that we can help each other.

I am going to write 3 posts every week. In case I don’t have anything worth sharing, I’d probably post a clip of myself learning an acoustic cover, or maybe just a soundclip of something really cool. Nevertheless, the 3 posts are going to happen.

To know why I call this blog the ‘Panda of Steel’, check out the About Me page. I look forward to having some interesting experiences here.


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