Importance of self-awareness for mindful activity

lao zhu

I’ve been using the headspace app for some time to meditate. It started off with just regular breathing attention exercises but as I progress, it seems that the meditation instructor Andy Puddicombe (who’s super awesome and has been a former monk and is built like a Shaolin kung fu warrior) has some clever techniques to build up our inventory of techniques to practice mindfulness (being present in the moment, I really want to achieve this). The most reiterated one, and perhaps the most important has been to build self-awareness during meditation. I have wondered though, how this would ultimately lead to mindfulness in everyday life, which Thich Nhat Hanh, the master Buddhist monk seems to have attained. I haven’t yet empirically experienced this great transformation, so I try to reason things out with logic – the next best thing to empirical evidence (or sometimes even better, if done purely mathematically without assumptions, let’s not distract ourselves with this though, I will soon write about logical reasoning vs empirical deduction as a form of knowledge in a later post).

Anyway, I sat pondering tonight and I seem to have an answer which probably links practicing self awareness to achieve permanent mindful states. Just needed to sit and think with an open mind really. Written below is how I think self awareness meditation helps you become one with a moment.

‘Andy first focuses on physical awareness, then thought awareness or emotional awareness, and then awareness of the mental state. Ultimately he wants one to be aware of all the three simultaneously during meditation.

This would lead to some moments of this simultaneous awareness in regular life (when one is not meditating).

If one keeps meditating, this would actually lead to prolonged periods of complete awareness in real life.

Imagine how amazing that would be. That you’re perfectly tuned into self-awareness. You’re curious and ready to know anything that is going to happen in the next moment, and the next.

And the thing is that you do not give any fucks about moments anyway.

You be utilizing the full potential of your human senses and your acuity.

You’ll be blissful. Perhaps, this is true mindfulness.

Maybe true mindfulness leads to something even more amazing. A mental state that we cannot even fathom right now.

Just like we cannot fathom more than three physical dimensions.

Perhaps this leveled up mindfulness lets your mental or emotional state pervade into everything around you.

Time is no longer a concept.

You become everything.

Perhaps, this is true enlightenment.’

No propaganda. No religious bullshit. Plain logic. For those who haven’t started, this should be a right time to start meditating: evolve your brain.


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