Take bro-tips from Mark Cuban.


I started watching Shark Tank recently and am absolutely addicted to that show. I love every aspect of it. I think it’s helped me learn more about pitching to investors and translating the impact of a presentation than anything else. Also, it’s got Mark Cuban as a shark and I feel that guy is an absolute bad ass.

Mark Cuban is that guy who gets super successful but always follows the bro code, no matter what. He’s an investor who’s got creating value as the first thing on his agenda instead of just getting financial returns. This guy gives a shit about stuff! These are five reasons why I think he’s awesome.

1. He respects talent wherever he sees it, no matter how absurd it may appear given a specific situation.
2. He isn’t presumptuous of other people’s abilities.
3. He loves basketball. I love basketball.
4. He doesn’t negotiate to get one more percent of equity if he thinks a deal is fair. He’s not greedy – and the lot of investors are!
5. When he wants something, he gets it. He still grinds even though he’s a billionaire. He still believes in hard work to be the driver of change.

Now this is my opinion from his interviews and the way he interacts in shark tank episodes. But I’m sure you guys will agree too. Cuban is in fact a ‘bro’.


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