The pretender – most challenging vocal cover yet



Today evening, at about 8, I thought I’d cover The Pretender by the Foo Fighters. Armed with a $50 microphone, the blue snowball, I thought I’d kill it right away. Turns out this is one of toughest songs to sing – EVER!!!

I turned to YouTube for help. And I followed Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy’s lesson on how to sing this song. For the next hour or so I practiced vocal compression and belting while screaming. By 11, I thought I’d give the recording a go. By the end of it, my face was red and I was panting like a Saint Bernard in India. I have so much respect for Dave Grohl.

Here’s my version of The Pretender by Foo Fighters. I’m so fucking proud of myself. I’m still rusty with music mixing, so forgive that.

The Pretender Foo Fighters Vocal Cover.


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