Clear your mind of that fog!


Steps that I find useful to clear mental fog (random streams of thoughts that distract you) and get a clear mind.

  1. Meditate – I usually do a focus-on-breath meditation to ground me to reality and clear my mind of noise. I use the app Headspace by Andy Puddicombe. It’s available on android as well as the app store.
  2. Go for a swim – I usually do this at work. It’s really hot right now and I find it hard to work when the temperature soars. I usually go for a swim to cool down as well as focus on my strokes. I’ve always loved swimming and I intently focus on my movements while I swim. This intense focus plus the cool liquid stimuli on the body helps me live in the moment, and kill random unnecessary thoughts.
  3. Gym: I love the mental clarity I get after a heavy workout. You’re acutely aware of the tired muscles and the endorphin rush. Will help you snap out of a viscous though chain.
  4. Consciously do nothing for two minutes. For this check out
  5. Useful tip : Do not multitask!!

Try these out. You’re sure to find them useful!

Till then, Ciao.



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